Everything you see here is currently part of the build-as-we-go, prototyping and experimenting, with words and other media.

This is absolutely not a “finished” or “ready-for-the-world” website. It is a work-in-progress, full of experimental everythings including the very nature of how we are designing CF = Community Funding itself, as a mechanism for many people and organizations to use in the future.

Think of what we are doing right now as a team brainstorming and thinking-out-loud and drawing all over the blackboards and whiteboards with our ideas, plans, and structures that are a combination of human organization, financial and legal structure, and Vision unified through a combination of minds from around the world, all contributing their creative talents and their experience and expertise.

And remember —- YOU are welcome to join with us, to become part of what makes CF = Community Funding, and that includes the special, central, focal effort – much more than a “project” or a “programme” – called

SOUL Survival of Organized Human Life

We are serious about everything we do. We believe everybody should be, too. Only that way do we all stand a chance of Surviving – and Thriving, as we all deserve to do.


Martin Joseph Dudziak

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